Top Tips for Surviving Japan’s Night Life


There are some people who think that the night is something for which you will need some sort of knack or talent. Some people think that the night is only good for a select number of people, those who can manage to stay up, those who can truly manage to handle whatever needs to be handled, those who can drink and drive, and many other possibilities.

Of course, this isn’t an absolute truth. There is no knack for the night life. To a certain extent, much of what you need to learn can be gleaned from your favorite tech blog, as well as from the comments section comprised by website visitors who are nice enough to share what they know with you. When it comes to night life in Japan, it’s basically the same thing. There are several tips that you can try so that you can easily survive the Japan culture of the night.


Here’s how to survive Japan’s night excitement.


Tip #1:

Bring cash. Translation: bring lots of cash. Many venues do not accept credit cards. Cash is standard and definitely a safer bet if you plan on drinking heavily. Many izakaya do not issue separate checks either so if you are splitting the bill with your group everyone usually puts in cash. So, there you have the common reminder: it’s still best if you come prepared.

Tip #2:

Remember to make a reservation. Popular izakaya and karaoke rooms get crowded on weekends and around public holidays. Without a reservation in hand be prepared to wait in line for a while or consider walking around to scout out alternative options.

Tip #3:

Keep in mind that Japan’s night life is kept in sync with its train schedules. What one considers “late” in much of North America and many other countries is still “early” by Japan standards. If you’re going for a night out on the town, it’s best to plan to stay out until the first train at around 5 AM unless you stay nearby.

Tip #4:

Don’t get complacent and too liberal when it comes to how you dress. Very few places have strict dress codes but if you are sporting tattoos then be prepared to cover them. Most nightclubs forbid beach sandals. Men’s shorts, open-toe shoes, and tank tops are also no-nos.

Ultimate Tip: Make sure you stay connected.

Nothing is more annoying or irritating than being in a foreign country and realizing that you have no means of reaching your family or even your friends. To avoid this, make sure you know how to stay connected. For example, when you’re using your Vodaphone UK, don’t forget to know how to ensure functionality even when you’re no longer in your homeland. This way, no matter how crazy your nightlife might get, you still know how to get home safely or let people who matter know what you’re up to. Don’t get careless; take extra precautions especially when it comes to communication.