All cities have their own sets of safety tips. Here’s Tokyo’s very own.


There are several things that you need to worry about when you want to take part and get the best out of Tokyo, Japan. One of them is perhaps the change in climate. If you come from a heavily tropical climate, and you decide to visit Tokyo in winter time, then you will definitely have to brush up on all those outfit and wardrobe changes that you will be needing to purchase. For this, you can freely check out any tech blog that deals with Tokyo weather and their corresponding tips.

Many people (especially some website visitors) will tell you that security and safety are certainly not huge issues in Tokyo. There are very rare cases of criminality. Still, it pays to err on the side of caution, as they say. With that, here are a few safety tips when you find yourself in Tokyo.



Some Safety Issues (and Their Solutions) in Tokyo


Issue #1:

The packed subway cars can be a problem. This is a particular risk that women have when riding on crowded subway cars. When the cars are so full that people are packed in like sardines, it is not uncommon for women to be touched by men in inappropriate places. To avoid this problem there are women-only subway cars to use (usually, the last train car) and it is best for all tourists, including men, to avoid traveling by subway during the commute times.


Issue #2:

In the past, some tourists have experienced being ripped off in some bars, paying for more than what they ordered. To avoid this problem, always ask for a menu before placing an order. If the bar is a hostess bar expect the drinks to be very costly and to be charged outrageous prices for the soft drinks ordered by the hostess. Pay for the bill using cash, not by using a credit card.


Issue #3:

There are a few laws that will most likely be new and strange to you, so it’s best to know them beforehand. It is illegal to use mobile phones on subway trains. It is illegal to take photographs or videos of the police. Carry your passport with you at all times because any police officer may request to see it, even if you have done nothing wrong.