Grand Passage is home to a lot of exciting services – all of which you can freely enjoy and avail of, especially when you happen to go on a nightout with your friends.

Excellent Food: Contrary to the popular opinion that people hold about bars and night clubs, we don’t scrimp on the quality of the food that we serve. We understand that eating good food is an essential part of enjoying the night, and so, as we operate on this principle, we make sure that we use only the best ingredients as well as hire only the best chefs. Moreover, these chefs are not only well trained in Japanese cuisine; their expertise is actually world-wide.

Beautiful lounges: The experience of a bar is sometimes only as good as its ambience. Because of this, we make sure that we give only the most aesthetically attractive but at the same time comfortable lounges in all of Tokyo. We know how difficult it can be to find such, given that bars are dark and are usually not really given much care and attention. But since we’d like to differentiate ourselves from the rest, we make the experience wholly different for you, as well.

Get a whole ballroom all to yourself. Here’s one thing that you can’t do in your cramped apartment: you can’t invite your friends over, you can’t hold your parties in it, and of course, you can’t have a lot of fun. With Grand Passage, you’re given the rare chance to rent out an enitre dance floor all to yourself and to your friends, for a fair price. You can trust that these ballrooms will really match your night owl needs. We’ll make sure that we’ll gie you only the best music and the best entertainment in the whole city.

Unmatched Hospitality: On top of everything else, we in Grand Passage pride ourselves in being very nice people. By ‘very nice’, we mean that we are gracious enough to serve you in such a way that we really pay attention to the things you say you need, but even to the things you don’t tell us about. Our years of experience have given us plenty of opportunities to be more attuned to our customers and their preferences, making us not only the hippest, but the best party place in Tokyo.