Japan loves its night life, and for good reason(s).

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If you check out any tech blog that talks about traveling to Japan, you’re bound to notice that one of the most commonly raised points about the locals is that they go out a lot. And no, none of you website visitors should be surprised about this. The locals from Japan like to go out at night, perhaps even more than your average Westerners. If this still surprises you, then you probably need to get to know your Japanese locals a little better, especially since you’re planning a vacation there, aren’t you?

Much like anything else, you need to understand that there are reasons behind these locals’ love for the night life. It’s not as if they just happen to be big party goers with no sense for the ‘more important things’ – far from it. There’s a level of seriousness and depth to Japanese culture, and believe it or not, their love for the night is a huge part of that.


Reasons Why Japanese Locals Love the Night


In Tokyo, it is quite common to go out drinking after work. Of course, this doesn’t mean just Friday night either; weekdays are still fair game and especially so if it is the boss or a client’s request. Thus, you can imagine how drinking is still some sort of work extension – where the boss can use it as an opportunity to build rapport with his or her employees.

Home gatherings are extremely rare in the inner city. Limited residential space, coupled with a lack of soundproofing, means having guests over is frowned upon. For these reasons, the best way to avoid noise complaints is to take the gathering elsewhere like one of Japan’s numerous drinking establishments.

On a similar note, many apartments in Japan are the size of shoe boxes (especially in Tokyo). This means that even if someone wanted to host a home party, chances are high that they lack available space. Besides, the constant challenges of living in such cramped quarters leaves people itching to get out of their rooms.

So, there you have it – some of the top reasons why the Japanese love to go out at night. Going out at night is not just for the sake of going out; there are reasons for the going out which are just as acceptable as those reasons for staying in.