A night in Japan – how does it look?


While you’re on vacation, you might exhaust yourself too much with everything that you’re doing all throughout the day, and you might feel the temptation to just stay in for the night. However, when you’re in Japan, any tech blog about travelling in Japan will tell you that while you can overlook and perhaps keep yourself from trying out some things in Japan, the one thing you can never afford to miss out on will definitely be Japan’s night life.

What does this mean? This means that while you’re spending your vacation in Japan, you cant just allow yourself to be hindered from experiencing all the excitement of its nocturnal energies. You, along with all the other website visitors who bother to read about Japan have to know that its night life will surely be one of your most unforgettable experiences, and for all the right reasons, of course.


Things You Can Do in Japan for Nighttime Excitement


First, try the Izakaya. What are these, you might ask? Well, Izakaya are Japanese style pubs that are the undisputed champion of Japanese nightlife. Evenings often start at izakaya and then progress to 2nd and 3rd parties. Izakaya range greatly in price and quality. Some are popular for their cheap drinks and oily snack foods. Others offer fine foods, elaborate interiors and private rooms.

Second, don’t be afraid to try some Japanese karaoke. You’ve probably seen this in all the Japanese television shows that you’ve watched. The main appeal of Karaoke is that they provide you with space for a private party. The Japanese seldom have house parties so karaoke boxes serve an important function. Large neighborhoods such as Shinjuku in Tokyo or Dotonbori in Osaka have dozens of large karaoke with hundreds of rooms each.

Third, you can also check out the night clubs in Japan, especially in Tokyo. Night clubs are easy to find in large Japanese cities. In Tokyo, there are usually one or two events that are popular on weeknights. On weekends in good weather, dozens of clubs can get busy. Clubs generally start to peak around midnight and run until the trains start after 5 in the morning. (For your first, try out Grand Passage, surely the hippest party place in Tokyo.)

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